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Update: 12-03-2009


1. What is the advantage of a coaxial rest compared to other conventional rests?
The coaxial design offers the advantages of rapid movement in any directions with less hand movement, no lag of movement or loss of concentration and time while compensating for wind changes.

2. How does the SEB rest compare to other coaxial front rests?
The SEB rest offers the most FINEST coaxial front rest in the market, at a fair price.                               
Please feel free to compare the SEB rest to any other coaxial front rests in the market & feel free to ask the shooters that own or have already used the SEB rests, and judge for yourself. 

3. Why do you use "dual post" and "pivotal base" design on the SEB rest?
The "dual post” design undoubtedly allows the rest to have a stronger & sturdier construction compared to one single post, although it doesn't offer a very broad range of vertical adjustment.      

The "pivotal base” design allows the shooter to choose his/her own liking on the rest configuration and how he/she might want to move the joystick. (i.e. in the same direction with the rest top, or in the opposite direction). This is a NEW concept & THE ONLY ONE in the market!

The SEB rest design also allows either right handed or left handed shooter to use the SEB rest the same (just in reverse way). No modification etc is needed.

The mariner wheel under the "coaxial unit" (for coarse elevation) provides a smooth vertical adjustment, with no slob/lash in its movement.


4. Is SEB rest rock solid and stable?
Yes, absolutely.

5. How much is the M.O.A.? Is it enough for my shooting?
The SEB rest has approximately 40 M.O.A. both for elevation and windage.
                                                  The amount of the M.O.A. is based on common distance (center to center of about 27") between the front bag and the rear bag.

The SEB rest covers most competition paper targets, including the rimfire.


6. How low is the SEB rest at the lowest setting?
The standard SEB rest is approximately 4 1/2" at the lowest setting, counts from the bottom of the base (or from the bench top) to the base plate of the rest top where the bottom of the bag sits on it. It is about 5 1/2" tall including the SEB front bag. (The SEB front bag is about 1" thick between the ears).

The regular SEB rest is about 9" tall (or more) at the highest setting.

Longer elevation screws for F-class shooting is available on request.


7. Would the SEB rest last for a lifetime?                                                                                                               The SEB rest would last for years under normal use.

The SEB rest utilize a teflon sheet (secured to a metal pressure plate) to push the "sliding plates" in the inside of the coaxial unit. This detail will last for years & gives more consistent friction/tension.

CAUTIONS:  DO NOT HARM OR KNOCKS THE CENTER SHAFT/ROD which you attached the joystick into it, because it could cause slob/lash on the bearings.

Always keep/store your rest with the joystick disassembled!

8. I have never used a coaxial front rest before, can I use this rest with no problem?
The SEB rest is user friendly & easy to operate.
You can operate the joystick and the rest top in the same direction, or in the opposite direction - simply by turning the coaxial unit from the dual posts (slide it up off the posts and put it again in reverse) and attach the joystick on the opposite side of the coaxial unit, and interchange the front & the rear bar of the rest top. It only needs about one minute or two to change the configuration. I would recommend you to try the configurations & find which one works better/more natural for you!

9. How do the SEB bags compare with other bags?
The SEB front bags are double walled and fit to the SEB rest perfectly, just as good and solid as you could want for a front bag.
 The SEB front bags feature extra slick "microfiber cloth" between the ears, which is smoother than leather or cordura. The bottom of the bag is hard and flat.

The SEB rear bag features double wall construction and integral "donut" neophrene base. The bottom surface is corrugated, which grips better on bench top's surface. The SEB rear bags have extra large sand fill hole/spout, to ease charging sand into the bag. An innovative carrying strap is added, to ease handling.            

Heavy sand, or "black beauty",  is recommended.

10. How the SEB front bags secured into the rest top?
The SEB front bag has two "side flaps" along the side length of the bag, which will be/can be secured into the slots between the rest top's base plate and the front & rear bar.                

The SEB front bags have two filler spouts on the narrow sides of the bag. (=symmetry configuration).

The design of the SEB rest top allows shooter to use Heavy Gun with extra wide stock, only with a little modifications. I have used a SEB rest for a Heavy Gun (55lbs, 6 inches wide stock) for "500m Fly Shoot", last November 2006 in Australia, with good result. (I placed 3rd and got the smallest group trophy with the setup). I only removed the side tension plates and added an additional alumunium base plate & a 6" wide front bag that was secured on the standard/existing rest top. 

11. How to adjust the tension/sensitivity?                                                                                                        There are 4 (four) tension screws located on the coaxial unit, just around the "rubber boot". (These screws are in Metric M6x1.0 - 20mm long).

The SEB rest is factory set to accept MINIMUM 13 lbs of weight on the rest top.

To add more tension, turn/tighten each tension screw just a very bit, clockwise. To reduce the tension, turn the tension screws a very bit, counter clockwise. You might need to hold the counter nut in position with a spanner while you are turning the tension screw with the allen wrench. (a set of spanner and allen wrench are included in the package)

My standard procedure is, after loosening the counter nuts & screws, I will tighten the tension screws clockwise by bare hands, then check the joystick operation and how much the rest top can accept vertical weight. And to make sure that the end tip of the tension screws go right into the "slots" on the teflon/pressure plate. If it is still too loose, I would add tension on each screw, operating the joystick again (up/down/left/right), until I find the "best setting" and get a solid and uniform feel/force to operate the joystick.

Basically the tension screws must push the "sliding plates" & teflon plate in the inside of the coaxial unit. If the tension is too loose, the rest top would have some slop/play. Vice versa, if the tension is too tight, the joystick operation will be "sticky".

Then I will tighten the counter nuts, in a moderate tightness only, and check the joystick's operation again. I use a certain weight (a 13 lbs steel block) on the rest top for this, but you can also push the rest top down, "by feel" only. (or put your rifle on the rest top). --- Please remember that most factory/after market bolts & nuts have some slob or lash in them. Final adjustments is made after the counter nuts is tightened. 

It usually takes about two minutes only to find the "best setting". With a little trial & error you would/must  be able to adjust the tension, to your own liking.

One good advise though, IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

Additional "tension/jam screws" on the newer production rests (2008).

The newer production rests (from the 4th production/2008) have two other "jam screws", located on the bottom of the coaxial unit, at "6 o'clock" position. One jam screw is located on the bottom front part of the coaxial body, one other is located in the "rear" sliding plate. These jam screws are in metric M6x1.0, headless allen screw. If you slide the coaxial unit off from the two posts, you would be able to see the "front" jam screw. If you remove the bottom cover plate, you would be able to see the "rear" jam screw as well.  

You can tighten / loosen these jam screws to add / reduce the tightness of the bearings. (use 3mm metric allen wrench). It's easy/easier to adjust the jam screws than to adjust the 4 tension screws - as long as the 4 tension screws make proper compression, or set properly. (i.e. not too tight, not too loose).


12. What type of bearings do you use in the SEB rest?

There are two spherical bearings in the SEB rest. I intentionally choose spherical plain bearings with bronze liner, since they are more smoother than "steel on steel" bearings, or bearings with PTFE liner.  At least, based on some bearings that I get locally.

The "front" bearing is press fitted into the slot/hole on the "front part" of the coaxial body. The "rear" bearing is press fitted into the slot/hole of the "rear sliding plate". The center shaft is steel epoxy glued into the "front" bearing.   

I usually punch (prick) the bearings at 6 and 12 o'clock position, right between the conjunction of the bronze liner and the outer housing of the bearings. Reason is, because most after market spherical bearings are usually too loose, even they are press fitted very tightly into the housing. With this way, I also make the joystick operation to be more smoother, to have more "solid" feel, with no slob/lash in its movements. It can also resist more vertical weight in the same time.

Both of the two bearings are in metric size, ID of 8mm, OD of 22mm, and 9mm thick.


13. Do SEB rests perform well?

SEB coaxial rests have been used in competitions, by many "top dog" shooters around the world, either for group or score match, including the F-class and rimfire BR.

14. What is your 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?
I offer you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, just in case you are NOT satisfied with the performance or  quality of the SEB rest, and my other products. Within this time frame, which starts the day you received your merchandize, you may return the goods to me, or to the Dealer. The equipment must be in "like new" condition, with no damage in any area, and along with the original shipping box. I (or the Dealer) will send your payment back in full amount (minus shipping). I stand and will always stand behind my products, for sure.  If you have problem with your SEB rest in the future, please feel free to contact me, anytime.


1. Can I shoot better or would have better results with SEB rest?
Well, I don't know..!?  You might need "to talk” with your bullets and ask them to "please" exactly go to the right spot, every time. Trust me, you will win all matches with this "valuable" input!

Seriously though, more and more shooters have better results using the SEB rests.

2. Why SEB rest isn’t so expensive?
Because I eat rice, lol.


3. Do or will I look good using SEB rest?
Well, it depends…At least it will make you more "customized”, especially if you get a new hat!

Some folks say "If you can't shoot good, at least you should look good!"


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